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Drip Irrigation System

- Seezar Soesan has experience in growing acres of coffee seeds and tropical crops in upstate Myanmar for many

- Technology has evolved in today’s Agricultural world. Seezar Soesan is introducing the use of state-of-the-art “Drip
  Irrigation Technology” which offers farmers a competitive edge and sustainability in the business.

The advantage of drip irrigation technology in agriculture are:

- Eliminates certain risk factors such as heavy reliance on weather conditions (rain water) and soil types,
- Less reliance on man power, therefore, reduces operation costs and
- Distributes water efficiently.
- One time investment of drip irrigation system lasts for years (at least 20 years).

Future Projects

- Development of several pilot projects using drip irrigation system in collaboration with contract farmers are in

- Success of the drip irrigation pilot projects will seed the future plan on national wide drip irrigation projects in
  collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

- “Our aim is to replicate the success of drip irrigated firms in countries like Africa, India, Thailand and Malaysia to
  utilize water source and minimize operation cost while benefiting from it in the long run.”

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